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Best Web Design

Best Websites Brisbane


What is the best web design

A website should not alienate your customers from your product or service, a website should allow easy access to information about your business or products and effectively communicate the public message you require your customers to be informed about. A website should be able to be found in search engines with ease. Websites should allow for the dynamic way you do business and social environments your business is discussed in.

How do you know you have the best website for you

You will always be addressing how your business is visually promoted over the internet. Having a site that is flexible enough to change quickly is really important. It may be a seasonal change it may be a visual up lift. If you have to re write or copy all your content each time you do that you will probably avoid doing it. Its worth considering what we think are the must have aspects of a website.


What should you consider to get the best web design

A Self edit website: We see this as a must, you don’t need to pay a web agency to ad an image or change some text. We use the WordPress Frameworks as our CMS (content management system) it is robust and very dynamic.

URL structure: Really important.. your site should have a readable URL that makes sense to the topic the page is about. If you URL has numbers and strange letters in it then google is probably not going to understand it either.

Lets take a look a a good URL = vs Bad URL

The bad URL has useless information not related to the content of the page and was created without any thought.

The end result is that search engines will give credit to good URL structure over poor structure

Responsive design: These days if your site does not respond by shifting content around dynamically based on the screen size of the device viewing it then your missing a massive audience. I dont know how many times I have just given up trying to view a site on a mobile device and never thought about it again. If that was your business you just lost a potential customer.

Social network integration: There is no doubt about it if your business is not using social media then your missing opportunities. Social networks play a much greater role in your websites performance than you might think. Google will customize its search results based on its google+ connections in relation to the user who is searching. If you have a distant relationship with a circle that has a business in it your looking for that will get preferences over a site with no social connections at all. So its important your content on your website can reach those social groups easily. Auto posting is one really great way of achieving that.

Easy Skin changes: So you worked really hard creating all your content and now 3 years later you really are tired of the look of your site. Our wordpress sites allow for easy skin changes that will allow your site to look completely different in less than 2 hours.

Channeled blogging capabilities

To get the best out of your posts and content. Letting them sit in nested columns will really help the performance of your site in search engines. Ensure your web creation company have an idea about this technique

How do you choose when everyone says the have the best web designs

Simple ask questions, if they cant explain the processes in terms you can understand they probably don’t understand themselves

Best Web Design

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