Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cost Of Website

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The True Cost of a Website

The cost of a website can be measured in a multitude of ways. Most people consider the financial outlay alone and whilst that is an important part of the evaluation it is sometimes given to much attention over the deliverable and the possible damage a poor purchasing decision can create.

costs of website

Lets look at the risk behind cheap websites

  • Poor Quality Build

  • Lost time invested in creation

  • Damage to your Brand

  • Damage to your search engine rankings

  • Bad URL structure

  • Low quality hosting

Its one thing to find a great cost price for a website and for sure there are many businesses charging way to much for low quality websites. Finding a website that fits your budget can be very difficult.

Take a good look at the website of the company selling to you

Does their website impress you? Does it have good URL structure? Does it rank well in search engines? All important things to consider. A low quality build will mean you will probably have to invest in getting the solution created again. Poor quality content will not produce conversions and low quality presentation will damage your brand. Bad URL structures will destroy any new or previous search engine performance and result in further costs to fix the problem. Low quality hosting or really cheap hosting will open your site up to constant hacking attempts and general low site speed performance.


Lets look at the advantages behind a good website investment

  • Fits into your budget

  • Grows with your business needs

  • improves your Brand image

  • Performs well in search engines

  • Loads quickly

  • engages your customers


website budget

Dgdonline websites in Brisbane North Lakes are designed to fit your budget, they grow with your business needs and improve your brand image. These combinations alone will make you a WINNER! The investment you put in will be returned by the way your website performs in search engines, engages with your customers and the speed in which your content will flow.

The cost of a Dgdonline website will fit your website budget with no additional website build costs!


Find out how much your website will cost? Call us today 1300 491 606

We will ensure you get the best possible outcome for your budget 100%



Cost Of Website

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