Friday, April 25, 2014

Website Seo

Website SEO analysis

Website SEO or “Website Promotion” as we like to call it!

Google is trying to reduce the amount of “spammy” content, a tactic that worked for internet marketers in the past. We think google is taking a good step forward as the web is just getting full of really bad software generated content aimed at getting your click. Organically promoting websites is now slower and more intensive with no super quick results unless the business has low level organic competition.

So what makes a website perform and not just look good?

Webdesign SEO

Content is KING – Its all in the content

Your on page structure is really important. Making sure your URL and H1 information is in place along with images having alt tags does make a difference because it trying to make your site more readable. Everything in your site should be aimed at providing information to the customer not at gaining rank alone. If your site has content (relevant content) and lots of it and its all linked in a natural way then its going to look pretty inviting both to your customers and in turn google as well

Technical Structure

Conversational Content

Relevant URL

Relevant content

Fluid Navigation

Mobile compatibility

Dgdonline is advancing it’s understanding of web promotion

On a daily basis, we push all new techniques into all projects. All of our promotion work is created in-house with solid implementation processes that do not use heavy offsite of topic back linking that would cause any negative penalties.

Have you noticed your site is not ranking well in Google anymore? Lets take a look as to why! Call 1300 491 606

We can do analysis of your current site and remove negative back-links that you may have created unintentionally by using cheap SEO services in the past.

Website Seo

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