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Local Business Marketing

Local Business Marketing

Marketing for your Local Business is as easy as telling secrets




Marketing a local business

It is critical to let people know who you are, where you are and what you do. That’s a given. So how do you do it?

Yellow pages is what most traditional Australian businesses have fallen back on for local advertising. It’s expensive and your exposure is smashed together in tiny print or hidden below big spending advertisers. Additionally it can actually be doing your website damage. Especially if you have one of those phone numbers provided by YP to help track calls. Name Address Phone Number data is scraped by Search engines all the time. Why will it hurt your SEO? Google wants to offer it’s users, or searchers, information they can trust. Real verified and cross checked information. If it can’t trust the information it’s being provided it won’t use it.

Google local marketing

Google places is one of the best and first places to start. Ensure your listing is ready to optimised by having it verified and all the basic information and even some photos up for people to see. Google is clamping down on people abusing Google places and demanding people follow the code of conduct.

Local online or internet marketing strategies

Most areas now have local directories good practice will involve placing your business in local business directories or listings. It is good to know which ones are worth having your listing in as some do very little other than to gain higher rank in SE’s from your listing.

Of course it is a given that your website also needs to be submitted to all the search engines as well.

Dgd Online Local Marketing Plans

We basically take the hassle away from the process and produce great results, we know what to do and how to do it. In addition to the above areas of attention we also deal with all areas of your business you need advertised within your website to ensure the results will stick.

Social network local marketing advantages

Many social networks allow users to interact with a business by checking in or pinning the location. SN’s like instagram and pin it are great draw cards for traffic and G+ has a nearby feature that users can engage. So regular posting, joining communities and following other businesses in your area can really create a wonderful situation for traffic.

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Local Business Marketing

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