Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Painting services websites

Painter web site Brisbane North

Getting a business website is easy

Case study: Painting services website Brisbane

This is a great example of how we can produce your website in record time and in budget. A client from the painting services industry came to us with a concern about time, having previously entered into an agreement with another company to build a website for his painting services industry business in Brisbane North.

After 6 weeks with this other company there was no real progress at all. He was clearly frustrated and concerned about the same thing happening again.

After a full face to face consultation with DgdOnline in North Lakes, we agreed we could build his website within a 2 week time frame.

The client already knew what he wanted and gave us all the text content we needed on paper. During the consultation we created and agreed on the site plan and discussed all the documents carefully with the customer.

Having the text content and a strong Idea on what the client was expecting we got into the task. After 1 day we had the test site provisioned and began building the content. By day 3 the site was ready to proof and make final choices on the images. We completed the site and went live on day 4.

The website is not complicated however serves exactly what the clients needs are. The website has been fully key worded and is SEO compliant.

All of this was done for $800 in budget and ahead of time!

Need a industry trade website FAST? The quicker you get on the phone the quicker it gets done! 1300 491 606

Painting services websites and Industry trades web design Brisbane North


Painting services websites

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