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Wordpress webdesign

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North Lakes WordPress Web Design

So you may have heard about WordPress, if not welcome to the face of web design today. Basically WordPress started out as an open source blogging tool so people could publish articles to the web quickly and easily. It was operated in a similar way to Word in terms of adding text and images.

WordPress has come along way since its invention and is now one of the most widely used platforms for web design and development.

Would you love to edit your website easily

The basis of WordPress is an admin user interface that is really easy to use. The amount of support for WordPress is just outstanding

The Admin panel at a glance

wordpress North Lakes

Easily manage your entire site from one area, manage and edit your page content easily with just a click of a button.

The wordpress framework allows for websites to be created in an extremely efficient process. Want to change a menu name? No problem! Want to upload images to a gallery? Easy!

The list of possibilities is just endless and just comes down to your imagination. That being said you will probably just want to create news releases or check on webstore orders most of the time.

Edit Pages from the Front View

North Lakes WordPress website

Easily find and make edits to your website direct from the front end. No need to find the page in Admin, just navigate to the page you need to edit and select edit from the top of your page. Its just that easy. Find a typo in your content one click and your into the text editor to fix that typo in seconds!

You will be surprised at how much you can do within the wordpress admin panel. Do you have multiple social networks that require you to check in to see if there are any messages for each one? WordPress will allow you to be able to monitor all your social networks from one place in your admin panel. That in itself is a real time saver.

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Wordpress webdesign

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