Monday, June 16, 2014

Google Places and your website

Google and your website

Why is Google Places good for your website and business?

It is worrying that I still see very few business engaging the use of Google Places in Australia let alone Brisbane. So how does Google Plus and Places work for your website and business?

It is important to understand the mechanism before jumping in! This for me is the way to approach the whole Google Plus/Places creation.

  • 1. Have or create a Google account

  • 2. Then go to Google Places and list your business, you will have to then confirm your a real business generally via a code on a post card.

  • 3. By default when you create your places listing your Google Plus business page will be created.

  • 4. Discover people and business while signed into your Google plus page, follow and add business and people to your circles.

  • 5. Make regular posts on Google plus, keep them along the lines of something interesting to read or great pictures.

  • 6. Ask customers if they like your services and provide some incentive for them to leave a positive review on your business page

So how does all of this help your website, Google is always looking for good information to give it’s users. A business that is well referenced with positive reviews or to an extent reviews in general will indicate that you are a real business. Your probably thinking well of course I am a real business. The fact is there are so many fakes out there it gets hard to define.

Google has worked out some math behind the process and it works pretty well.

You probably have a Facebook business page, but how does this help your search engine rankings? It in fact does very little. Additionally you will note that Facebook is not interested in your business getting noticed on their social network unless you spend money with there ads.

To some extent this could also be said for Google as well, however the work you do in your Places/Plus page will have some direct benefit to people searching for your type of business in your area.


I am not talking about tricks here, I am talking about genuine promotion of your business and services. So what happens when you have people following your business in Google Plus?

It’s an interesting thing, let’s say I am following a website company and I have used the service and let’s say I have even written a review about the business. When a person in my circles that knows nothing of the business I follow and search for this type of business; Google is going to push this information forward to them. Bypassing any SEO other companies have invested in. Why? Because Google can see there is connections the credibility level is much greater than a high organic rank.

So before spending big bucks on promoting your business at least do as much as you can inside the Google Places/Plus environment.

Another thing to *note: If you have already created a Google plus page for your business not through Google Places then delete it! Otherwise Google will look at this as duplication.

This is just a snap shot of what Google Places / Plus can do for business. For more information or if you have questions get in contact with us, we are happy to help quality Australian businesses succeed.

We care about your business because that's our business!

Google Places and your website

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