Thursday, July 24, 2014

Managed website 5-6 pages

A fully managed, Truly NO STRESS website from $137 a month*[/title]Lets face it, your in business to make money. You probably dont want to spend time worrying about whats happening on your website and if its up to date or been hacked. You dont want to struggle through logins and uploads to get your latest image up online. Or try to remember how to change text when a service you offer changes. Thats why we have the no stress fully managed solution for you. You get a 5 -6 page website that runs on our super fast server and is completely maintained by us. Additionally your site will be protected by the best security available as well. *(excludes setup fee)

  • Your logo and business details included standard

  • with up to 5 images per page, can be carried over from other pages

  • gallery or portfolio

  • 1 html 5 sliding banner per page, can be stacked into 5 on one page

  • 1 contact form per page, includes options for dynamic form delivering a range of solutions

  • 1 map per page can be stacked onto one page if you have needs for multiple maps

  • social network sharing plugin

  • responsive mobile adaption

  • call now feature

  • 1 blog per site

  • up to 5 videos

  • featured content self management system

  • 1 hour of changes per month (does not carry over) just email us what you need done

  • Your site security patches will be applied on time and all plugins maintained as well

  • Bring your domain name or we will provide you with one that you can choose. (subject to availability)

  • more pages can be added for discounted $120 per page anytime

  • $120 monthly Fee and $700 setup (minimum 1 year sign up)

Managed website 5-6 pages

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