Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SEO tips for small business

I dont make any claims to how successful this will make your SEO but I am sure it will help!
Domain names
Having multiple domain names that are directly focused on the products or services you are pushing rather than your business name will help you.
Local Listings
Entering your business into google places and other local listing search engines will benefit your business.
Having relevant keywords in your site content and in your code will help your search results.
Constant updates
If you are feeding new information into your site on a daily basis will improve your sites results.
Blogs will help your site as well
Social networking
I have seen in some businesses that the use of social media sites like twitter and facebook have proved most beneficial.
Create articles about your site in as many places you can.
Constantly updating and going over your processes and creating as many mentions to your site as possible on the net will help you as well.
SEO is an ongoing organic thing so you must keep up your efforts. As soon as you back off you will notice the effects.
If you are just starting out it will take some time for the results to filter through but they will, so good luck.
Of course there is alot more to really effective SEO and if you are interested in how Dgdonline can help your business then please give me a call Australia 1300 491 606 or visit

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