Friday, May 27, 2011

Yellow pages is stuck on the shelf?

It has come to my attention that one of Australia's largest business directory companies of print have been trying to gain hold of the web market for some time. Realizing that the "Book" is now dead they have stretched there wings to cover SEM, SEO, web design with CMS. Now lets look at the horrible truth here.
Sensis can't give the fair go policy that Google does to its customers because Sensis is a Google customer. What that means is if you are in one of Sensis marketing systems you will played of by the rest of the Sensis customer base before you enter the real world. So what that means is you will be paying to beat everyone in Sensis then everyone one the web... What a joke.
Secondly the websites that Sensis "make" are really websites the customer makes through the CMS they provide. So are they effective? Only if the user has a good understanding of the web really.
So will Sensis hurt small web firms? Yes probably but in time we will have our place fixing and creating real web solutions.

As a customer of Sensis I have seen the collapse of the "Book" and I am sure you have too. When was the last time you used the "Book" to find a business?? When was the last time you used the Yellow website with out frustration?? Considering the mess they have made of there search engine online and how disfunctional the results are why would you consider using them.

Do a search in Google and then do the same search in Yellow and see the real facts for your self.

If you don't like something, don't use it. Now you don't have to.
There is an alternative to Sensis Yellow Pages and it is better and it is focused towards you the customer not turn over and you get real customer service and real prices not based on the size of your franchise but on the size of the work you want carried out.

So how can you make the move?
Contact your local web company, talk to them about your needs and see what they offer. Now is also your chance to shop around. Get their quote and compare it with others. Make a decision that suites you. Remember one thing good SEO takes around 3 months to show true promise / potential after that make an educated answer. Dont be bullied, Dont be fooled (no one, not even Sensis can guarantee anything anymore. It is all real work related).

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James Pawlowski

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