Monday, June 13, 2011

Distribute It failure

Whilst I totally sympathize with Distribute It for the suffering they are going through, I also have my own pain to deal with.

Unfortunately our back up process was a little retarded. As such we are left with some frustrating decisions to make. Do we launch old backups and redo the work on new servers or do we wait an undisclosed amount of time to get access to current backups.

It is frustrating for me because I asked DIt about security over several occasions weeks prior and was assured everything will be fine.

Regardless of the issue with DIt it has outlined one thing to me and that is offsite backups.
Now thats ok for small static sites it the larger magento based sites that I am concerned about.

We fell into this situation by doing little site tweaks on live sites and creating an extensive magento site that had about 2 weeks of work with offsite backup.

We where relying on Distribute It's Infrastructure :)

At the end of the day all my clients are important and all deserve to have there sites up. Thats what they paid for.

Now clients are asking why they should pay for another year of hosting with another company and what happens to the balance of their hosting with Dit.

A lot of questions raised & a lot of lessons to take note of here.

Dont host all your eggs in one basket and backup your sites after major work offsite

Learning the hard way
Dgd Online
James Pawlowski


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  2. Hi James,

    I feel a lot of DistributeIT resellers are in the same boat. We all have irate clients and no answers to give. Up until September last year I was happy, but the ongoing server failures are not helping my credibility one bit.

    Let's hope we can get our data back safely.

    Kind regards
    Wayne (when it is back online)

  3. Yep that's my main concern as well Data Loss.
    Email well that's secure. Some of my clients just dont want to understand the issue. I have to respect the customer... Oh man I just dont want to move but I guess I got to.

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